A short Bibliography of Ivan Illich

This list does not give all publications, it is rather an attempt at a quick overview of Ivan Illich's work

To Hell with Good Intentions (1968) Essay on development.
Celebration of awareness (1970)
Collection of essays on development.
Deschooling Society (1970)  Book on education.
Tools for Conviviality (1973)  Book on conviviality.
Energy and Equity (1973) Book on transportation.
Medical Nemesis (1976) Book on medicine.
The Right to Useful Unemployment (1977) Book on subsistence.
Disabling Professions (1977) Book on subsistence.
Toward a History of Needs (1978) Collection of essays on subsistence.
Vernacular Values (Shadow Work) (1980) Essays on subsistence.
Shadow Work
Book on subsistence.
Gender (1982) Book on conviviality.
Das Recht auf Gemeinheit (1982) Collection of essays on commons.
Silence is a Commons (1983) Essay on commons.
H2O and the Waters of Forgetfulness (1985)  Book on memory.
Hospitality and Pain (1987) Essay on medicine.
ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind With Barry Sanders (1987)
Book on literacy.
The Educational enterprise in the Light of the Gospel (1988) Essay on education.
Posthumous Longevity (1989) Essay on medicine.
Ascesis. Introduction, etymology and bibliography (1989) Essay on subsistence.
Letter to David Ramage (1989) Essay on modern institutions.
The Shadow that the Future Throws (1989) Conversation with Nathan Gardels.
Declaration on Soil (1990) Essay on urbanism.
Health as one's own responsibility - No, thank you! (1990) Essay on medicine.
The Sad Loss of Gender (1990) Essay on conviviality.
Needs (1990) Essay on economy.
Text and University - on the idea and history of a unique institution (1991) Essay on education.
With Jean Robert (1992) Essay on transportation.
In the Mirror of the Past (1992)
ollection of essays on literacy.
To Honor Jacques Ellul (1993) Essay on technocracy.
In the Vineyard of the Text (1993)
 Book on
Brave new biocracy - Health care from womb to tomb (1994) Essay on medicine.
La perte des sens (1994) Collection of essays on the vernacular.
Death undefeated - From medicine to medicalisation to systematisation (1995) Essays on medicine.
We the People, KPFA (1996) Conversation with Jerry Brown.
The wisdom of Leopold Kohr (1996) Essay on economy.
Speed? What Speed? With Matthias Rieger and Sebastian Trapp (1996) Essay on transportation.
Philosophy... Artifacts... Friendship (1996) Essay on friendhsip.
Ivan Illich in conversation with Majid Rahnema (1997) Conversation.
The Cultivation of Conspiracy (1998) Essay on friendship.
The Scopic Past and the Ethics of the Gaze With Barbara Duden (1998) Essay on the gaze.
The Conditional Human With Johannes Beck and Silja Samerski (1999) Essay on education.
L'obsession de la santé parfaite (1999) Essay on medicine.
The Loudspeaker on the Tower (2000) Essay on commons.
"The Oakland Table" Conversations Between Ivan Illich and Friends (2000) Conversation.
Guarding the Eye in the Age of Show
(2001) Essay on the gaze.
Rivers North of the future (2005)
Conversations with David Cayley. Texts in Spanish.

New York Review of Books:

Education Without School: How It Can Be Done, NYRB Jan 7, 1971
Commencement at the University of Puerto Rico, NYRB Oct 9, 1969 (full text for subscribers only)
Outwitting the "Developed" Countries, NYRB Nov 6, 1969 (full text for subscribers only)
Why We Must Abolish Schooling, NYRB Jul 2, 1970 (full text for subscribers only)
Schooling: The Ritual of Progress, NYRB Dec 3, 1970 (full text for subscribers only)


Hommage ŕ Jacques Ellul
: The French critic of technology, Jacques Ellul. In French. Size 20K.
Du Lisible au Visible: The medieval philosopher Hugh of St. Victor. In French.
CBC Interview: February, 2000.
The Rise of Homo Economicus: Ivan Illich with David Cayley (3.27 minutes).
Taught Mother Tongue and Nation State: The invention of standard Spanish, the first language that people were taught to speak (3.25 minutes).


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