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Collections of Essays of Ivan Illich

The distinction between "Book" and "Collection" may be somewhat arbitrary, since some of the books may have emerged as a collection of previous essays.

Celebration of awareness (1970)
A collection of short essays mostly on political themes related to repression in Latin America.
A Constitution For Cultural Revolution Advocates intermediate technology in the developing nations. 
Almosen und Folter (1970) German version of Celebration of Awareness
Gewalt: Ein Spiegel für Amerikaner
- Nicht Ausländer, aber Fremde 1956
- Die Beredsamkeit des Schweigens
- Die Kehrseite der Barmherzigkeit 1967
- Das verschwinden des Priesters 1967
- Die Ohnmacht der Kirche
- Schulen helfen nicht 1968
- Die Schule als heilige Kuh
- Sexuelle und politische Potenz
- Geplante Armut als Frucht technischer Hilfe
- Struktur einer Konterrevolution 1970

Toward a History of Needs (1978) An analysis of the generation of needs as the foundation of modern economy as management of scarcity.
- Energy and Equity
- In lieu of education
- Outwitting developing nations
- Tantilizing needs
- Useful unemployment

Das Recht auf Gemeinheit (1982)
- Das Recht auf die gemeine Sprache 1979
- Die warenhafte Muttersprache 1979 
Introduction of formal, artificial, fixed, universal, taught language (mother tongue) in the 15th Century to disvalue and replace local, natural speaking (vernacular).
- Eigenarbeit 1980
- Erziehung im siebten Stock? 1980
- Der Lebenskünstler und der Kunstproduzent 1981
- Schattenarbeit 1980
- Über die ökumenische Ver-Wirung 1981 
Der Missbrauch der Ökumenie kommt von der Undifferenziertheit unseres Wortes "wir", das sowohl "ich und du" als "ich und er" usw... bedeutet. Die undifferenzierte "Ver-Wirung", die Unterwerfung der Vielfalt der "wir" unter ein einziger "wir" in katholische, koloniale, imperialististische etc. Formen nützt diese Verwirrung der Sprache aus.
     The misuse of oecumenism comes from our poorly differenciated "we", meaning as well "I and thou" as "I and them", etc. This confusion (Verwirrung) of language enables "we-ification"  (Ver-Wirung) in the sense of Catholicism, colonialism, imperalism etc., the submission of the diversity of "we" under the rule of a single "we".
- Die gemeine Dimension der Politik 1978
- Der gemeine Frieden 1980 

In the Mirror of the Past (1992)
A collection of shorter texts, mostly talks given between 1978 and 1990, directly or indirectly related to Ivan Illich’s favoured method of research indicated in the title: revealing current trends against the background of history, “to loosen the spell by studying how it was cast” (p. 150).
- The De-linking of Peace and Development 1980
- The Right to Dignified Silence 1982
- I Too Have Decided to Keep Silent 1983

- Alternatives to Economics: Toward an economy of waste 1988 The transformation of waste, originally meaning destruction of productive means, into a by-product of production makes economy possible.
- Silence is a Commons 1982
- Dwelling 1984

- The Message of Bapu's Hut 1978
- Disvalue 1987
 In order to transform proportionality into values, the realms of conviviality must be first degraded, disvalued. Disvalue is a measure for the degradation of conviviality, like entropy in physics is a measure for the degradation of energy. Contrary to entropy, however, the increase of disvalue is not spontaneous, but the result of offensive action against subsistence.
- The Three Dimensions of Public Option 1979
- The Educational Sphere 1979
- The History of Homo Educandus 1984
- Taught Mother Tongue 1978
- H2O and the waters of forgetfulness 1984 A concise version of the book. Water carries smells and memories, whereas H2O washes them away. Water is transformed into H2O as enlightenment shifts from smell, taste and hearing to vision as the leading sense.
- A Plea for Research on Lay Literacy 1986 The visualisation of speech makes reading independent of speaking. The separation of text from sound generates lay literacy and the internalisation of a fixed sense of identity. This process is due to the introduction of alphabetic notation and is completed in the 12th Century. Ivan Illich calls for a better knowledge of lay literacy.

- Mnemosyne: The mold of memory 1990 Lay literacy, the result of the separation of writing from voice, is being suppressed by computerization through the separation of text from meaning. Like text, the modern word for writing independent of voice, communication is the new word for text independent of meaning. Ivan Illich calls to resist an internalisation of communication producing the loss of the sense of self, similar to the internalisation of text linking the self to fixed identity.

- Computer Literacy and the Cybernetic Dream 1987
 An analysis of computerisation.
- Twelve Years after Medical Nemesis: A Plea for Body History 1985
- The Institutional Construction of a new Fetish: Human Life 1990
- Medical Ethics: A Call to De-bunk Bio-ethics 1987

La perte des sens
- Hommage à Jacques Ellul
- La culture de la conspiration
- La perte du monde et de la chair
- La sagesse de Leopold Kohr
- La société amortelle
- L'ascèse à l'âge des systèmes
- Le haut-parleur sur le clocher
- Lectio Divina
- L'entreprise éducative
- L'histoire des besoins
- Longévité posthume
- L'origine chrétienne des services
- Ne nous laissez pas succomber au diagnostic
- Passé scopique et éthique du regard
- Soins médicaux pour systèmes immunitaires ?
- Surveiller son regard à l'âge du show

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