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Ivan Illich on Development

To Hell with Good Intentions (1968) Volunteers fighting poverty in Mexico are vacationing salesmen for the middle-class "American way of life."
Celebration of Awareness (1970)
A collection of short essays mostly on political themes related to repression in Latin America.
A Constitution For Cultural Revolution Advocates intermediate technology in the developing nations.
In the Mirror of the Past

-The De-Linking of Peace and Development (1980) Peace cannot blossom but in a world of unique cultures.
Das Recht auf Gemeinheit (1982) 
- Der Lebenskünstler und der Kunstproduzent
- Über die ökumenische Ver-Wirung
Der Missbrauch der Ökumenie kommt von der Undifferenziertheit unseres Wortes "wir", das sowohl "ich und du" als "ich und er", "ich und sie", usw... bedeutet. Die undifferenzierte "Ver-Wirung", die Unterwerung der Vielfalt der "wir" unter ein einziges "wir" in katholische, koloniale, imperialististische etc. Formen nüzt diese Verwirrung der Sprache aus.
     The misuse of oecumenism comes from our poorly differenciated "we", meaning as well "I and thou" as "I and them", etc. This confusion (Verwirrung) of language enables "we-ification"  (Ver-Wirung) in the sense of Catholicism, colonialism, imperalism etc., the submission of the diversity of "we" under the rule of a single "we".
Ivan Illich in conversation with Majid Rahnema (1997) The "we" of "development".

Outwitting the "Developed" Countries, NYRB Nov 6, 1969 (full text for subscribers only)


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