Ivan Illich on Education

Almosen und Folter (1970)
- Schulen helfen nicht 1968
- Die Schule als heilige Kuh

Deschooling Society (1970) An analysis of the counter-productivity of modern education systems, which are a model for centralized consumer society.
The Educational enterprise in the Light of the Gospel (1988)
Text and University - on the idea and history of a unique institution (1991)
In the Mirror of the Past (1992)
- The Educational Sphere 1979
- The History of Homo Educandus 1984

The Conditional Human (1999)
Schule (Rivers North of the Future 2005)


Education Without School: How It Can Be Done, NYRB Jan 7, 1971
Commencement at the University of Puerto Rico, NYRB Oct 9, 1969 (full text for subscribers only)
Why We Must Abolish Schooling, NYRB Jul 2, 1970 (full text for subscribers only)
Schooling: The Ritual of Progress, NYRB Dec 3, 1970 (full text for subscribers only)


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