Ivan Illich on the Gaze

To Honor Jacques Ellul (1993)
Die Askese des Blicks im Zeitaler der Show - Interface (1995)
Guarding the Eye in the Age of the Show (1995) Nepsis, the act of looking chastely and averting one’s eyes (Barbara Duden). 

The scopic past and the ethics of the gaze (1995) A plea for the historical study of ocular perception. From opsis to optics. ("We have gained lux and lost lumen. ... A person ... exercising a lumen is ... different ... than one ... receiving a lux.")

Die skopische Vergangenheit Europas und die Ethik der Opsis (1995) With Barbara Duden. From habits of the gaze,  opsis, to optics, the science of physics.
Philosophy... Artifacts... Friendship (1996)
Rivers North of the future (2005)
- The Gospel and the Gaze


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