Ivan Illich on Medicine

Medical Nemesis (1976)
An analysis of the counter-productivity of modern health systems. Modern medicine appropriates the monopoly on health by devaluing death and suffering.
In the Mirror of the Past (1992)
- Twelve Years after Medical Nemesis: A Plea for Body History 1985
- The Institutional Construction of a new Fetish: Human Life 1990
- Medical Ethics: A Call to De-bunk Bio-ethics 1987

Hospitality and Pain
Posthumous Longevity (1989)
Health as one's own responsibility - No, thank you! (1990)
Brave new biocracy - Health care from womb to tomb (1994)
Death undefeated - From medicine to medicalisation to systematisation (1995)
L'obsession de la santé parfaite (1999) Appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique. Our obsession with perfect health lets the medical system treat us as objects.
Gesundheit (Flüsse nördlich der Zukunft) (2005)


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