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Ivan Illich on Technocracy

Illich called "technosophy" his analyses of modern technocracy (Philosophy... Artifacts... Friendship), including writing, language, city planning, transportation, medicine, computers,... in the sense of an intelligam that dissolves the spell of a credo

Letter to David Ramage (1989)  Essay on "corruptio optimi quae pessima", on modern institutions as the corruption of the best to the worst. "The entire set of those axiomatic assumptions that generate the mental space within which today's social concepts emerge is derived from the millennial attempt by the western church to give institutional permanence to Christian vocation."

To Honor Jacques Ellul (1993)
".... modern technique... is... a subversion of the Gospel..."
"corruption of the best... to... the worst"
"An... invitation to each person has been twisted into... an institutionalized... objective"
"Living virtuously" requires today understanding technocracy.

Philosophy... Artifacts... Friendship (1996)

Flüssen nördlich der Zukunft (2006)
- Die frohe Botschaft
The Gospel links "virtue" to the relationship to the other. The institutionalisation of this relationship ("corruption of the best to the worst") leads to technocracy.
- Der Ursprung der Technik
- Vom Werkzeug zum System

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