Ivan Illich on Work

The Right to useful unemployment (1977) A defence of subsistence against paid and shadow work and against d
ominant professions imputing the need for unneeded commodities upon the citizens.

Disabling Professions (1977) A pleading against alienating expert institutions.

Vernacular Values (Shadow Work)
(1980) Professionals have taken over things people used to do for themselves - even learning their own language.

Shadow Work
The notion of shadow work was developed by Ivan Illich to denote alienating unpaid work within a context of paid work as opposed to convivial subsistence work independent of a context of paid work.

Das Recht auf Gemeinheit (1982) 
- Eigenarbeit
- Schattenarbeit 
"Schattenarbeit ist nicht Subsistenztätigkeit -  ihre unbezahlte Tätigkeit ist die Voraussetzung darür, dass Löhne bezahlt werden können" (P. 77).

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